Commercial / Multi-unit Residential


Commercial Services

The services we offer to our commercial clients include new construction, renovation, and consulting services to ensure you get the project you want, on time and on budget.  We manage permits and inspections to ensure your project is built the way it should be.

For new construction, typically working off your plans, we will determine a price based on your specifications.  Who will the development cater to?  Is it smaller-unit affordable housing, or spacious retirement living?  Maybe it’s a commercial rental building, or a hotel or restaurant.  We accommodate you, always keeping in mind the end goal.

Renovations to your commercial or multi-unit residential project may include simply replacing what’s there with new materials.  Or, possibly expanding on your already successful operation.  Whatever the case, Miller Contracting can help.  Each project is unique, and that is where our vast experience shows it value - we can use past projects as a guide, then take those ideas to the next level for your project.

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